Clove Extract (Syzygium aromaticum) in Germination and Sanity of Catingueira Seeds (Poincianella pyramidalis (Tul.) L.P. Queiroz)

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Ediglécia Pereira de Almeida
Lenita Gonçalves da Costa
Nathany Alves de Andrade
Gilvan José Campelo dos Santos
Maria José de Holanda Leite


This research aimed to evaluate the effects of Clove extract (Syzygium aromaticum) on germination and sanity of Catingueira seeds (Poincianella pyramidalis). Five treatments with Clove extract of India were applied at the following concentrations T1 (Control) = 40 mL of sterile H2O, T2= 10 mL extract + 30 mL of sterile H2O, T3= 20 mL extract + 20 mL of sterile H2O, T4= 30 mL extract + 10 mL of sterile H2O and T5= 40 mL of extract. P. pyramidalis seeds were immersed in due concentrations for 30 seconds, then placed in sterilized Petri dishes and taken to isolation chapel. The sanity test lasted seven days, after this period, the associated microorganisms were evaluated in the seeds. For germination tests, the same treatments used for the health test were used. At the end of the experiment the percentage of germinated seeds, the Germination Speed Index (IVG), Mean Germination Time (TMG), Mean Germination Speed (VMG) and the length of part area and root were calculated. Clove extract (Syzygium aromaticum) showed no toxic effect on germination and development of Poincianella pyramidalis. It was indicated the concentration of 25 and 50% of the extract, because it provided a higher germination percentage, IVG, VMG and TMG to seeds of the species Poincianella pyramidalis. Further studies with immersion time of the seeds higher than those of this research are suggested.

Forest pathology, propragative material, sanitary quality.

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Pereira de Almeida, E., Gonçalves da Costa, L., Alves de Andrade, N., José Campelo dos Santos, G., & José de Holanda Leite, M. (2020). Clove Extract (Syzygium aromaticum) in Germination and Sanity of Catingueira Seeds (Poincianella pyramidalis (Tul.) L.P. Queiroz). Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, 41(6), 1-8.
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