Rooting Induction in Allium cepa for the Study of Mitosis in a Hydroponics System

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Geovanio Alves da Silva
Eder Ferreira Arriel
Mellina Nicácio da Luz
Valeska Regina Silva Martins
Elisabeth de Oliveira
José Aminthas de Farias Júnior
Maria José de Holanda Leite
Leonardo Castro Arriel


The study of cell division processes is important for the understanding of how genetic information is transmitted from cell to cell and to descendants. To observe the phases of mitosis in meristematic cells of the onion root (Allium cepa), it is necessary to induce the rooting of this bulb that can be influenced by some factors like the type of water and the preparation form of the bulb of the onion for the success of rhizogenesis. In view of the above, the objective was to evaluate the influence of the water source and the opening of holes in the stem of the propagule to induce rooting in a hydroponic system. Two experiments were installed. In the first, one of the treatments was used distilled water and treated water. In the other experiment, three treatments were evaluated (without holes, few holes and a lot of holes in the stem of the bulb). Five days after installation of the first experiment, data were collected on the number of bulbs that gave off roots and this variable was analyzed using the X2 test. In the other test, also at five days, root number and fresh root mass data were obtained and the data were submitted for analysis of variance and the means were compared by the Scott-Knott test. For the induction of rooting in onion bulbs (Allium cepa) in a hydroponic system, water should be used, preferably treated, cleaned and decontaminated. The stem of the onion bulb should receive many perforations to facilitate the absorption of water with the essential nutrients for rooting.

Genetics, cell division, meristematic cells.

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Silva, G. A. da, Arriel, E. F., Luz, M. N. da, Martins, V. R. S., Oliveira, E. de, Júnior, J. A. de F., Leite, M. J. de H., & Arriel, L. C. (2020). Rooting Induction in Allium cepa for the Study of Mitosis in a Hydroponics System. Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, 41(6), 1-5.
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