Potential Use of Eucalyptus Seedling in Recycling of Fish Farming Wastewater in Agriculture

Dalva Paulus, Ezequiel Toffoli, Celso Eduardo Pereira Ramos, Claúdia de Andrade Moura, Dislaine Becker, Iara Emanoely Francio

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Effect of Seed Treatments and Containers on Chilli Seed Viability

Sunil Kumar, S. S. Jakhar

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Effect of Mechanical Damages and Storage Conditions on Quality of Markies cv. Potatoes for Processing

Dreice Nascimento Gonçalves, Luciana Gomes Soares, Ariana Mota Pereira, Paula Acácia Silva Ramos, Maria Eduarda da Silva Guimarães, Fernando Luiz Finger

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Structural Characterization of Mint (Mentha x villosa Huds) Stem and Leaf

Ana Carolina Bezerra, Luana da Silva Barbosa, José Flávio Cardoso Zuza, Agda Malany Forte de Oliveira, Camila Firmino de Azevedo

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Effects of Pesticides on Vegetative Growth and Fruit Yield of Seedless Mandarin at the Basic Design Period in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam

Nguyen Minh Tuan, Ha Minh Tuan, Luan Thi Dep, Nguyen Ngoc Lan

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