Role of Nitrogen in Wheat Production System and Nitrogen for Improving Wheat Yield and Quality: A Review

Akshay Markad *

Department of Agronomy, School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab-144002, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Wheat is the staple food across the different parts of the world. To increase the wheat productivity by utilizing the fertilizers. Nitrogen plays a key role in increasing productivity and the quality of the crops. In this review article, we studied the relationship between nitrogen and wheat parameters, the impact of excessive nitrogen used in wheat, NUE (Nitrogen use efficiency) in wheat production, and examined various nitrogen management strategies aimed at enhancing both yield and quality. Different nitrogen application techniques, such as broadcast and side-dressing, have been evaluated, with the rate of nitrogen showing a significant influence on wheat parameters. Key components influencing NUE in wheat farming, including soil characteristics, nitrogen application timing and rate, environmental factors, and crop genetics, are discussed. Furthermore, innovative nitrogen management practices such as precision farming techniques, cover cropping, and the use of biofertilizers as effective strategies for improving NUE and promoting sustainable wheat production. The abstract underscores the importance of balancing nitrogen application to meet crop demands at different growth stages while minimizing nitrogen losses and environmental risks. By integrating advanced technologies, agronomic practices, and scientific insights, farmers can optimize nitrogen use efficiency in wheat production systems, thereby enhancing both yield and quality outcomes.

Keywords: Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), wheat production, nitrogen management, yield improvement, quality enhancement

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Markad , Akshay. 2024. “Role of Nitrogen in Wheat Production System and Nitrogen for Improving Wheat Yield and Quality: A Review”. Journal of Experimental Agriculture International 46 (7):599-609.


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