2017 - Volume 19 [Issue 3]

Original Research Article

Stimulants and Plugging Index in Hevea brasiliensis: A Preliminary Investigation of Plausible Effect of Some Stimulants on Plugging Index

O. A. Emuedo, E. O. Uzunuigbe, F. U. Ohikhena, A. M. D. Uwumarongie, A. N. Chukwuka, U. Ugiagbe- Ekue, J. A. Omorogbe, D. Ehiwe

DOI: 10.9734/JEAI/2017/35768

Page: 1-5

Evaluation of Potential Vegetal Growth of Corn by Using Endophytic Bacteria

Tauane Santos Brito, Daniele Aline Aline Portz, Renan Pan, Elisiane Dall’ Oglio Chaves

DOI: 10.9734/JEAI/2017/38563

Page: 1-11

Performance of Strawberry Varieties under Greenhouse Following Three Cropping Practices

Hamilton Abraham WeimarCastro, Tonny José Araújo da Silva, Edna Maria Bonfim-Silva, William Fenner, Thiago Franco Duarte

DOI: 10.9734/JEAI/2017/38027

Page: 1-9

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